Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Journey

31/8/12 Friday -National's Day
Vinnie and I celebrated Zhi Wei's birthday at Phat Barrels ~
That day actually we drank not much, but we look like drunk ~
and the next day I had to work for my First Day~~
That day I only slept for one and half hours~ zzZZ

1/9/12 Saturday
Every knowledge and lesson by knowledge is new for me.
My first job work as Front Office departments...
Not easy as you thought @.@
Firstly, now have to absorb all the basic knowledge of Hotel ~~~
and  my next target is sales department..wait me ya, sales dept ~~~
had dinner with my lovely xueji family ^_^

3/9/12 Monday
After worked, fetched my friend to yc with Lviv at McD IM~
Due to my friend's bad communication, I had to fetch her back to someone's house at 3.00am early in the next morning (4/9/12)..and it's very tiring =.= and I had orientation day at 4/9/12 ~ =.=

6/9/2012 Thursday
Now I'm have to sleep early to let myself get enough sleep due to previous day keep going out xD
and I'm had a flu and sore throat and I'm so sleepy...
My stamina become low already >.<
Pity me...


This photo taken by callie (me) and I kinda love this photo's different from what I'm usual are ^_^

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