Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mummy's birthday

25/9/2012 Tuesday

Today is mummy Birthday.
Happy Birthday, mummy.
You never know that a Facebook, simple app can receive a lot of wishes from my friends and your friends right ?
The power of Internet is so strong and wide.
I used to think a creative ideas for my mummy's birthday.
Handmade card, photo frame , red wine as gift for her.
This year , bag bag as present for her.
Every year , I always give her a surprise for her birthday.
On the previous year, I put the photo frame infront of her room.
The next morning(her birthday), she woke up and opened the door.
She saw a present in front of the door.
(ps :actually I want to next to her pillow, but she will sense and notice about it.)
However, she was so happy and immediately came to my room and appreciated my gift for her.
During that time, I woke up by her with a big smile on her face. xD
I'm so happy have a such loving and capable mummy ^o^
I love you always, mummy


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