Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love Blogging

18/9/12  Tuesday

When I pass by and look at a young girl's blog.
I do agree, the one who individually done the task will know the unlimited efforts that had develop into it and the time that personally sacrifice.
I love to blog since I'm in secondary school if I'm not mistaken.
I do like people who blogging and share their news and feeling.
I love to explore their experiences and being inspires by their articles.

Sometimes the blog that caught my attention is the young man.
Maybe I seldom saw young man who love blogging. xD
But nowadays I do believe blogging isn't a big news or a fresh topic.
But do you know that blogging already become part of our life.
Although we seldom update, but when we look back to our previous articles.
You will found out that's a lot of funny and happiness moments on it.
But I do prefer typing than writing,
Forgiven me due to my untidy handwriting will make the articles look weird.
I'm encourage people blogging.
Sometimes the power of words is stronger than the mouth.
Sometimes, words easy to express than using mouth.
That's all for today ^_^


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