Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'm should feel stress now...
exam is around the corner
same with people who face SPM,STPM and college exam.
We have to do our best for our exam ~Good Luck...

19/11/2010 (Friday)
I was busy prepared BBQ things for my college friend's celebration.
But the weather didn't let my function went properly.
Suddenly heavily raining and strong wind appeared.
I was piss off...Why It happened after I prepared all the things.
However, we changed to Plan B and ate inside my house.
I think next time can call my other gang to come BBQ too ~
It was fun if do it together like previous time with juli them ^^
next time come my place BBQ ~hehee
although it need a lot of preparation.

I had watched Megamind and Skyline...
I want watch Harry Potter .

All people start do revision~
stressful period come again.
I have to study too.

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