Saturday, November 6, 2010


最近的我,心情很复杂。 想和不想~要和不要~思念~想念~

So fast a year almost wanna end~
I care about your guys ~I remember your guys...
but your all not remember me....
How sad I am ...

5/11/2010 (Friday)
Deepavali Day on Friday..a public holiday~
Friends came and fetched me ...we went to have breakfast,went to ecm for air cond and start our journey to Indian's friends open house...4 open houses we had went and ate 4 meals of each house... lecturer's meal of lamb was delicious ~others meal from each house had their delicious food...
at ecm, met secondary friends.
But one of the familiar face ..I thought is primary school friends...Not ,I think I'm sure is primary school friend, but cannot remember his name. I'm sure he not remember me too.make me refresh the previous time ...

30/10/2010 (Saturday)
During Halloween Day, we went to andrew's bar~Element Bar celebrated at there.
we could sing K inside and had drank a lot of carlsberg.
The most important, is memories of took pictures.
I knew new friends, which name Jenny, korean girl ^^
Thank to Andrew to pay for our bill ^^

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