Wednesday, December 28, 2011


29/12/2011 Thursday
I want to stay at home become otaku ~

27/12/2011 Tuesday
It's has been long time since last time I'm stepped into Megamall,Kuantan.
The decoration of christmas at there was nicer than ECM.
I'm still wondered why the ecm cinema was fully for the movie : Mission Impossible 4.
Tom Cruise is the main character,gorgeous man.
We took photo with christmas tree like usual >.<
We had our dinner at Mr.Specky Buffet Steambot.
I ate a lot of chocolate ice-cream,very satisfied ^_^
RM 22.80 per person ,expensive + got 小强 swam inside the TOmyam there... =.=
went to Chien's shop there and next destination was the new open shop called Pappa Rich.
Heard is coffee shop,and drank soya ~
my stomach totally full ~
Our last destination was TC ~ and looking at the wave of
The wind blew and it's cold.
It's fun when we took photo under an umbrella ~kawaii~ creative right ~


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