Friday, December 30, 2011

Last day 2011

31/12/2011 Saturday

Why's that people like to update their status by mentioning what's the latest activities they are doing ? (Although sometimes I will do that too. ;P)
Mentioning last day of 2011 year.
I don't feel that it's seem a last day of 2011 for me.
I may hope time pass slowly.

Time pass very fast, until I couldn't chase it...
And next year 2012 ,I'm turning to 20 years old.
20 years old,why it's sound old to me T.T
I need to consider what's my plan next during 2012.

By the way, let's me refresh back what I had done during 2011.
During chinese new year went to Langkawi Trip.
Went to clubbing for the first time.
Blood donation for the first time.
Had a lot of wonderful memories gathering with friends and family.
Depression moment T.T
When I compare my previous photo of mine.
I feel like I change my style ~ that's great,right ?

I will do my best and keep improving at 2012 year. ^_^
Happy New Year ,everyone.
Welcome ,2012 !
Let's create more happiness memories during 2012.


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