Monday, December 5, 2011


5/12/2011 Monday

TOmorrow is the exam day >.<
I'm the earliest arrive at college and solo revision.
waiting for them more than one hour 15 minute...
Wondering around and tired of solo revision~
Today we didn't revise..more to relaxing part...
Now is relaxing and look at the popularity pages of gorgeous guy and woman~
watching animes~saw the MLive Super junior youtube >.< I'm too happy ~~~
now cannot focusing on my revision(last preparation) already 12.20 am
Am I Ready for tomorrow fighting (exam) ???
Yes,I am~ Fight until the end~ >.< (actually kinda worry about it)
LoL~hope it's easy as I thought,then I will be greatful~
We always lucky for it,hope it will be same as this time~
lalala~two subjects in one day ~~~
my brain cannot functioning by putting all the stuff~ (Boomx..too much knowledge..)
T.T luckily I still manage can memorise some stuff.
compare to my stpm friends for their tough subjects of science...
I think their subjects are double harder than mine...
Good Luck everyone~~~


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