Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

23/12/2011 friday
The day for purchased the bus ticket was the began of my bad luck day with friends.
Arrived KL safely ,unfortunately when we needed to confirm our reservation of hotel.
The staff of Hotel made mistake and forgot to key-in our reservation.
Luckily the first day had a room to stay overnight.
However for the next day, we had to find another hotel to stay.
We walked far a bit around the Hotel Orkid at Time Square, and managed to find another hotel to stay.
Went to Sunway and shopping and bought a cute little christmas hat with friends.
And bought friend's present (bag) too.
At night, we were planned to I-city.
Unfortunately, we missed the chance due to barriers and no transport to I-city.
It's too bad ,we couldn't watch the scene of I-city.
Although Hui's friends treated us expensive supper at hill and saw the scene of KL.
But I'm had a stomachache and vomited.
I had to said byebye to my supper.
Then Hilson had difficulty to wear his contact lens.
Somemore, Ee careless and fall down.

24/12/2011 Saturday
Our next destination were Sungai Wang and Time Square
We were managed to purchase items at Sg Wang like usual.
At night,countdown for christmas eve.
My brother there had lot of events,but I didn't go there.

25/12/2011 Sunday
Went to Pavillon ~ Nice scene but crowd with people.
However, I lost the little christmas hat clip at there T.T
Went back to Sg Wang shopping awhile..we are rushing here and there...
We don't have enough time >.<
Therefore, we run as fast as possible rushing from sg wang to Time Square hotel.
When we reached at Hotel,the door was locked =.="
Luckily we get our luggage after that and went to Monorail-Imbi-Time Square to Hang Tuah ~LRT to Plaza Rakyat~Puduraya Bus Station....
However, we get lost at LRT there...lost direction and went wrong location.
late 15 minutes to reach bus station and we said goodbye to our bus.
However, we managed bought another ticket and arrived home safely.
What a bad day for us...


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