Saturday, October 15, 2011

10月份的第五篇-Recently-same day

15/10/2011 Saturday

My assignment pass up and need re-do T.T
During semester 6, first time being re-do~
Luckily just adjustment redo ~not delete all my homework and re-do~
The most simple step I forgot to adjust my work make me need to print again T.T
It would not happen next time.
and I'm rushing for it before I came for the class in the next day...
I'm cannot feel comfortable when my camera isn't beside me...
Borrow to my friends for her brother's wedding~
I think after semester break plus, I think next month only get my camera T.T
Damn miss my camera so much.
Yesterday night (14/10/2011-Friday) went dinner at 斗母宫 with my mummy and grandma.
Oh well,I met my colleague friend and my other friends~
What a consequently, but can meet also is normal things since it's organise at least 240 tables~ Total are 2400 people~ Cloud of people~
The most interesting part is I found out some people same birthday with me ^_^
~23 october ~'s around the corner...


Take it recently,Picture of me during october ^_^

Take it during october 1 at Terengganu ^_^

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