Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10月份的第六篇-Birthday 1

18/10/2011 Tuesday

Recently mummy and I'm had attended dinner to accompany my grandma.
The beginning of October 1st , we went Terengganu and attended my relative's wedding~
It's wonderful when we helped each other and the results came out satisfied.
My aunt was grateful with our help and farewell with us when we left.
Appreciate can be seen and it's my first time conversation with her and I can feel the gracious of her deeply in heart. ^_^
The second dinner was last week on Friday (14/10/2011).
I still remember the scene when the speaker broken cause the power failure awhile and the light went off, and my grandma and I were thought that was part of the performances >.<
The third dinner was held on last Sunday (16/10/2011)~
I'm had no ideas what's the theme of the dinner and knew it once I stepped to the Restaurant and found out it's early celebration for Deepavali.
and the most funny parts was the emcee spoke in Indian language when mentioning the lucky draw number and we totally don't understand what's the number emcee was told~
Their performances which involve three main languages and dances were awesome.
Thanks for my lovely grandma for the nice bracelet as my birthday gift~
Thanks for my mummy who bought lots of stuffs for me ^_^
I'm have planning for this saturday by spending time with my family for my birthday celebration~ and look forward to celebrate it with my friends too ^_^
Actually I didn't expect any gifts from my grandma and mummy~
But thanks again~Love your guys so much ~



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