Monday, November 19, 2012


19/11/2012 Monday

A coincident second interview was success by today ~
I wondering I accept the offer too fast ?
and it's the position that I wish to apply for. Marketing dept
Although is new company, I think is challenge for me for the position
at least Ms Angela offers and give me the chance~
Although I will leave for current job, however I get better offer right ?
Hope I will stay longer at my new working environment ~
Between why all interview must ask me make decision immediately...
I'm have difficulty to make decision~
patience is what I have to learn...
Oh least what I want, I get it within this year...
I was thinking if I didn't take this opportunities,
I have to be patience how long for my current position to transfer ?

20/11/2012 Tuesday

Today working like usual and studying class at night.
I have difficulty to absorb knowledge =.="
But everyone else are more tired than me like they drive from others place for 2 hours just for the class~
Morning working until evening..studying at night...back home sleep..
Absolutely , my time isn't enough >.<


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