Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beginning of November

6/11/12 Tuesday

Today done the housework~
The house feel fresh.
Cook vegetables and the taste quite not bad
Bring my grandma to clinic to take medicines
and we are shopping at Qiant.
Buy a lot of biscuits ~
Great that I'm spending time with my grandma.

After measured my weights is 58 kg ~
Wow..weight gain within short period of time~
Thank to my neighbours that cares about me everytime I go out ~ ^_^

and received weird call from what I'm registered this afternoon to call me open my MSN =.=
Feel sad what I expected for work is happening right now =.=
Pick other people rather than pick internal staffs for that department.
Speechless, but that's reality of life.
Once I step out, you will feel regret for not chosen me.


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