Saturday, February 12, 2011

~a week ~

I want to share with your guy about my chinese new year trip~
I went to langkawi + penang ~4 days 3 nights trip with friends~
but I'm not yet upload photo and blogging about it..please wait patiently...
After that I'm was busy after went back on tuesday morning and attended class at tuesday afternoon, tuesday night ,friend's came to my house "bai nian/拜年",and I went to their house as will ~and we only knew half year but we are going to each house already ~hehe
Wednesday whole day classes >.<
thursday classes and went to my friend's house to drink his mixture of cocktail + wine/ vodka~taste good ~I want to try at home too ^_^
Friday my secondary friends came to my house "bai nian/拜年",at friday night accompany mummy and grandma to 九王爷~
saturday night no acccompany grandma to there but accompany my friend,dear wen shing to celebrate her birthday ~ate dinner at tea time after they finished their tuition and went to Apple K ~we like crazy and sang inside there ~then tc ate supper and ice cream and took picture~
I'm getting good in taking picture which can took pic with myself from two pic increase to 5 people ~I'm good at teaching too~juli and li chien can took 5 ppl in a pic too ~great job ^_^ love hanging out with your guys ~
Now I got 3 gang of friends to hang out ~I'm totally happy to meet your guys ~~

Now I'm can do my homework ~finally,if not lecturer gonna scold me~
I'm less online but not deliberate to do that ~just time is full of memories activities.wait patiently for the picture..I need to arrange and edit the light to make it clear ~hehee... ^^
Took almost 1000 picture within a week~happy-ing ^_^
Thanks to my camera for the service ~
Muack~love you ya,my camera~

valentine day is around the corner,but I don't have bf I'm solo celebration with my friends or family perhaps ^_^
or facebooking with friends~


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