Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Memories is when picture taking and every smile on the picture occur~
Gather and sing K with them is the best part~taking pic inside a k box room and I record their singing ~so bad ark me ~hehee
but left ya hui and yen ping =.=
yen ping overslept...lazy kia ~
Although together,the time is short, but I appreciate every moments with the pic I took,with the memories I got from your all~
always love your guys ~muacks~
when happiness,something unhappy happen after that =.=
heard about flood,would it affect it ? I hope no,we waiting for two months,I hope we can go ~
I hope tomorrow will be a better day~

I sense sick is following me at the back~although not yet start sick,but a bit sneezing and throat a bit dry make me worry ~
think positive,everything will be fine~

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