Wednesday, October 27, 2010


16/10/10 (sat) -celebrated my birthday with secondary school's friends ^^
BBQ and had a surprise for me ~
gave me a nice present

20/10/10 (wed)-celebrated my birthday with college's friends~
although all are early celebration but I was happy too.
at friend's house drink until face become red....
yo~took some pic as memories too

23/10/10 (Sat)
My close friends celebrated my birthday early...what to do ?
hehee...I sure got a plan too
Hang out whole day at ecm~
Thanks for my friends paid for my expenses today~
First time watched 3D~
It was so tiring holding the 3D spec since I had short-sightness and wore a spec~
my friends suggested me to wear contact lens~
aiyo~I scared to wear contact lens ~

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