Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blood Donation

30/6/2013 Sunday

Yesterday 29/6/2013 ( Saturday )
I went to work like usual, assist the participants for "Blood Donation Campaign"
I went to donate my blood as well, as my blood is "O" and I have very thin and baby blood vessels.
My baby vessels swollen a bit like usual once after I finished donate the blood.
and I only got 330cc , better than nothing.

The total participants for yesterday was great, 86 participants joined us for blood donation.
Great response for the first time held at Rocana Hotel Kuantan.

I went to check G Health for capillary cells, and guest's what.
They said me my brain isn't good due to the capillary isn't straight but curve, I was like =.="
I thought that I got kind of disease or mental problem . >.<
They explained it's may due to I never sleep soundly during sleeping mode .
My intestine isn't good as well as I may get gastric
My lung isn't good as well as I get tired easily
but luckily I didn't have toxic in my body . Good sign ^_^
This sounds like I'm like a weak person T.T

I need holiday !!!! Then I can get some rest :P


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