Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tai Chi

5/11/2011 Saturday

One day trip~ tired ~
It's like whole day sleeping in the bus ~.~
It's my grandma events with her taichi's friends~which known as second citizen.
but look like expect for the leader, others are blur where are we going including me...
sit at the bus only know that we wants to go to Karak but will stop by Temerloh awhile...
From 8 am until 11 pm ~whole day~
Eat and sleep ~eat and sleep~
not much to talk about since it's a 交流会~
But the most interesting is we have a chance to get lucky draw rewards by writing our name as the symbol~
guess what ?
Coincidence my mummy and mine luck come~
mummy get a big hamper and I get a package of hair shampoon~
totally surprised when the results come out from the lucky draw~
but seeing them happy-ing..I'm happy too ^_^


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