Monday, November 28, 2011


28/11/2011 Monday

Recently watched Nurarihyon No Mago 滑头鬼之孙 anime ..nice movie
Just now read the 07-Ghost ~I'm loving the anime story plot so much ~
I'm always easy touch by the 07-ghost anime~

I heard my friends said that reading a blog full with mysterious and beautiful words are attracting them to attach it.
However, I don't have the fascination to attract reader in such way.
The exam is around the corner again...
less than one week,the time will come.
I shall do my revision, however, I'm become otaku and watch anime =.=
I couldn't describe my emotion by writing like a poem~
I have my way to write my blog.
That's what I can think now ~I feel confident with myself.
Like always, I learn something throughout the animes I had watched.
Being confident with myself ^_^


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