Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm not the hardworking as you think....
I'm one of the lazy kia ^^
But I will revise in the last minute...

the exam damn hard. Everytime exam also don't know what the questions try to tell blur...

I hope to get good results,if possible gred B and above.
If not, my certificate will fly away due to disqualification ~~
so I must get good results within every semesters.
I sure I can maintain it.

If you ask me, do you know how to do ?
I can tell you,I don't know ,but I know writing something is better than leave it blank. At least ,I got marks of writing something there.No matter the sentences are relate or not .

Don't give up although u still have time to answer.
If rushing time to answer,also don't give until the last minute.
I dislike to left the halls early,I will feel sorry to myself.
But I'm also the last one finish,because I rushing time to finish writing.Haha..
But the result I get will be satisfy. ^^

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